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There can be no museum without a collection. For this reason the largest gallery in the Temporary Fashion Museum is devoted to a series of unique collections, from the private and professional to the public and commercial. From the private haute couture collection of Eva Maria Hatschek to a public, commercial archive in the form of a vintage store, assembled by Ferry van der Nat, with iconic pieces from the history of Dutch and international fashion. Visitors can choose how they wish to experience these displays. Depending on thie condition and status, some of the pieces can be touched, tried on and purchased. 

Collected by Eva Maria Hatschek

Over 600 pieces from the personal wardrobe of Eva Maria Hatschek (1924-2010). 

Collected by Ferry van der Nat

For Van der Nat the fashion archive is synonymous with the present and even the future. 


Collected by ... Paul van Riel

Photographer Paul Van Riel shot the world's fashion shows in the 1970s and 80s 


Temporary Fashion Museum
Guus Beumer
Maureen Mooren

This project is part of the programme track Things and Materials and the folder Material innovation.

Fashion has quietly renewed the very idea of renewal by constantly selling the past as a future, thereby framing current reality. This contrasts sharply with the idea that renewal always stems from technological innovation.