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Marina Toeters, founder of, works on the interface between fashion technology and fashion design. Through her company, Toeters encourages collaboration between the fashion industry and technology by developing innovative ideas, technical garments and prototypes.

Toeters joined forces with Martijn ten Bhömer for the project NazcAlpaca. Ten Bhömer was awarded a PhD by the Eindhoven University of Technology for his research into ways to design smart textiles for the healthcare and welfare sectors. Toeters and ten Bhömer were commissioned by Bear Creek Mining S.A.C. in Peru to develop the first prototype for high-quality knitting using alpaca wool combined with innovative, wearable technology. This prototype combines electronic components, silver fibres and alpaca wool in an interactive fashion item. The NazcAlpaca Shirt monitors the wearer’s body through sensors incorporated in the textile. Settings can be adjusted using an app – to start a workout, or even a massage. Because the shirts monitor the body and the history of the wearer, issues such as work stress can be prevented.

Using the knowledge gained through her projects, Marina Toeters know advises Philips Research, Ilja Visser and ESA on product development. She works as a teacher, coach and researcher at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (Fashion), Saxion University of Applied Sciences Enschede (Textile Technology) and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Founded: 2007

Location: Utrecht

Temporary Fashion Museum
Guus Beumer
Maureen Mooren

This project is part of the programme track Things and Materials and the folder Material innovation.

Fashion has quietly renewed the very idea of renewal by constantly selling the past as a future, thereby framing current reality. This contrasts sharply with the idea that renewal always stems from technological innovation.