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The White Shirt

Fashion’s desire to go ‘back to basics’ periodically returns in times of crisis. Is it a surprise then that the white shirt, “the ultimate wardrobe staple” as magazine Elle called it in 2014, is currently enjoying a comeback, one of many? 

The Pump

A gender-orientated development in the use of elevated shoes took place in the fifteenth century: chopines, a new kind of platform shoe worn by noblewomen, arrived in Europe via the Byzantine Empire and Spain. This footwear, in the beginning of its appearance still used as practical overshoes, changed over time into a luxurious product.

Red Lipstick

In the age of smoky eyes and fake eyelashes, red lipstick might seem an out-dated choice. 

Dressing in Black

Black reduces the body to a silhouette, it is casual and smart and it lets the face speak. Above all it its impossible to place socially: is this daywear or evening wear, and is this the image of a realist singer, a Hollywood actress, a grande bourgeoise, or an artist?

Tijdelijk Modemuseum
Guus Beumer
Maureen Mooren

Dit project maakt deel uit van de programmalijn De Dingen en De Materialen en het dossier Materiaalinnovatie.

Mode heeft stilzwijgend het idee van vernieuwing vernieuwd door het verleden telkens opnieuw te verkopen als toekomst. Dit staat in schril contrast met de gedachte dat vernieuwing altijd voortkomt uit technologische innovatie.