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YOUASME MEASYOU is a jersey and knitwear label founded by Mark van Vorstenbos and conceptual artist Twan Janssen. Both graduated from ArtEz Institute for the Arts, Arnhem, in the early nineties. In 2010 they decided it was time for a radical new turn in their practice: inclusiveness, transparency and social values took centre stage. The label was established entirely through crowdfunding.

Rather than exclusivity, Jansen and van Vorstenbos chose to embrace the art of sharing. The outcome was a label with a social conscience and a focus on closer ties between the maker and the user. YOUASME MEASYOU designs are high-quality fashionable interpretations of classic designs.

In response to fashion’s eternal obsession with the new, in 2015 the designers launched the sustainable platform MEANWHILE. The platform transcends the seasons and concentrates on authentic inspiration and products that are made to be cherished. In 2014, van Vorstenbos and Janssen won the 5th Prins Bernhard Fashion Grant for their pioneering work on slow fashion.

Founded: 2010

Location: Amsterdam

Temporary Fashion Museum
Guus Beumer
Maureen Mooren

This project is part of the programme track Things and Materials and the folder Material innovation.

Fashion has quietly renewed the very idea of renewal by constantly selling the past as a future, thereby framing current reality. This contrasts sharply with the idea that renewal always stems from technological innovation.