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CORSAGE-STUDIO is a design duo comprising fashion illustrator Rabin Huissen and filmmaker and photographer Robert Stroomberg. The studio combines garment design and production with visual art. Because they approach fashion from the perspectives of an illustrator and a photographer, their collections are a mixture of wearable objects, clothing concepts and personal items.

Huissen and Stroomberg are almost anthropological in their explorations of why people wear what they do. They are interested in the emotional aspects of fashion and seek out the point where fashion becomes art and vice versa. Taking material as the starting point for their work, the duo use traditional crafts and new technologies to create new, geometric forms and organic silhouettes. Huissen and Stroomberg believe clothes become more beautiful over time.

Yet CORSAGE-STUDIO, far from avoiding present-day issues, tries to explore the meaning of fashion in relation to topical themes. The series ‘Oceans. Sea of Desire’, for instance, is based on a photograph of a refugee whose body was found washed up on a beach in the Canary Islands. They also use fishing nets in their work to address such issues as overfishing, sustainability and recycling. In 2015, CORSAGE-STUDIO won the jury prize for their work Hat Dresses during the competition The Future of Fashion is Now at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.

Founded: 2010
Location: Rotterdam

Temporary Fashion Museum
Guus Beumer
Maureen Mooren

This project is part of the programme track Things and Materials and the folder Material innovation.

Fashion has quietly renewed the very idea of renewal by constantly selling the past as a future, thereby framing current reality. This contrasts sharply with the idea that renewal always stems from technological innovation.