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The hall of honour of the Temporary Fashion Museum is dedicated to the most daily products of fashion: a red lipstick, a pump, the colour black and the white shirt. Why is this white cube - this time not defined by white walls, but by white light - reserved for such mundane phenomena? Why does this space focus on three products and a colour that, season after season, seems to transcend the whiffs of fashion?

This timeless quality is precisely why the hall of honour of the Temporary Fashion Museum is dedicated to these All-Time Favourites. Although these objects go against the idea of fashion as constantly changing, their everyday quality provides them with new interpretations continuously. Stylist and art director Marjo Kranenborg made the selection that was subsequently presented to four writers, an art historian and Kranenborg herself. Together with Marcel van der Vlugt she makes the versatility of these objects visible through an installation in which the equally timeless tripod is used as a carrier for their visual research. The four writers - Daphne HuisdenRaoul de JongEster Naomi Perquin and Elfie Tromp - each selected one icon as a subject for a short story, which they have recited themselves. These stories can be heard at each object. Art historian and author Sophie Berrebi wrote an essay on each object, in which she analyses the enduring fascination with these icons.

From 12 February 2016 onwards the hall of honour is dedicated to Precious

Temporary Fashion Museum
Guus Beumer
Maureen Mooren

This project is part of the programme track Things and Materials and the folder Material innovation.

Fashion has quietly renewed the very idea of renewal by constantly selling the past as a future, thereby framing current reality. This contrasts sharply with the idea that renewal always stems from technological innovation.